We have filed a motion with the Florida Supreme Court asking them to review the important constitutional precedent set by the 4th DCA.

Click here to read Lake Point's response to the Brief (12/04/19).

We have been joined so far by 15 organizations asking to appear as a friend of the court including:
  • The First Amendment Foundation,
  • Florida Chapter of the League of Women Voters,
  • Florida Press Association,
  • Brechner Center for Freedom of Information,
  • 1000 Friends of Florida,
  • Conservation Alliance of St. Lucie County,
  • Florida Waterkeepers,
  • Florida Wildlife Federation,
  • Friends of the Everglades,
  • Marine Resource Council of East Florida,
  • Natural Resources Defense Council,
  • Sierra Club,
  • Bullsugar, 
  • Martin County Conservation Alliance,
  • The Guardians of Martin County
A notice filed with the court by the First Amendment group notes that:
The amici are organizations with long histories of exercising their precious right to speak with government officials and of protecting and safeguarding the constitutional right of free speech. The organizations have a keen understanding of the right to free speech based on actual experience, considerable legal study, and advocacy in the courts.

Communicating with government officials and decision makers on matters of great concern to their members is critically important to these amici. The issue in this case and the decision below are of enormous significance to the very core interests and missions of these amici, and these amici are of the considered judgment that this decision must be corrected by this Court to assure the constitutional right to free speech. If not corrected, the decision will bring a catastrophic sea change in the law and chill – and more likely stifle – citizen communication with elected representatives and will significantly harm these amici.

The ability to freely speak with elected officials and decision makers regarding matters of government is absolutely central to our republican government.

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